12-inch MacBook Laptop and Computers

12-inch MacBook Laptop and Computers

The 12-inch MacBook is a great laptop, and one that I’ve been using for years. But it’s also getting a performance bump, which means that the new version is more powerful than before. How does this 12-inch MacBook compare to other laptops on the market? Let’s dive in!


The 12-inch MacBook is a slimmed down version of the previous model. It’s only 0.52 inches thick and weighs 2 pounds, which makes it thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

But there are two major differences between this version and its predecessor: Apple has made the screen slightly larger at 12 inches instead of 11, so you have more room to work with on your desk or couch if you don’t want to stand up while typing; plus its also cheaper!

The new MacBook also has an Intel Core i5 processor along with 128 GB SSD storage (as opposed to 64 GB), which means faster boot times and better performance overall than previous years’ models—but there’s no SD card slot so photographers will have to find another way around getting those photos off their cameras onto their computers if they want them saved somewhere else besides iCloud Photo Library!


The MacBook is powered by an Intel Core M3 processor, which provides a zippy performance while also being able to run multiple apps at the same time. It has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage, giving you plenty of space for your files and apps. The 13.3-inch Retina display on this model measures 264 pixels per inch (ppi), making it one of the best displays available in 2019.

The 12-inch MacBook weighs just 2 pounds and has a thickness around 0.52 inches (1 cm).


The 12-inch MacBook is a lightweight and thin laptop that’s great for travel. It can easily fit in your backpack or carry-on, making it the perfect choice for students who need to take their computer everywhere they go.

The 12-inch screen is also perfect for viewing video on the go—it’s small enough to keep you from bumping into things while you’re sitting down or standing up, but large enough that there won’t be any black bars at the top and bottom of your video playback experience (which can be distracting).

Battery life

The MacBook’s battery life is up to 10 hours. This is better than the previous version and other laptops in its class, but not as good as some laptops with longer batteries.

Configurable options

There are plenty of options to choose from, including RAM and storage. You can configure your MacBook with up to 16GB of memory or 768GB of storage, while the processor is also customizable: it’s available in dual-core i5 or quad-core i7 models. The battery life depends on what you choose as well; if you want more time between charges (and room for all that extra memory), opt for a higher capacity battery like 53Whr instead of 38Whr.

If you’d rather have a bigger screen than 12 inches but don’t want a massive laptop—or if your eyesight isn’t great yet—you might want something smaller and lighter like 15 inches wide or 13 inches tall instead!

The 12-inch MacBook has gotten a performance bump, but the screen and keyboard stay the same.

The 12-inch MacBook has gotten a performance bump, but the screen and keyboard stay the same.

The new processor is an Intel Core i5 or i7 with eight cores, up from the previous model’s dual-core A10 Fusion chip. It also has better graphics performance and faster speeds for both RAM and storage options (up to 1TB).



If you’re looking for a new laptop, the 12-inch MacBook is worth considering. It has gotten a performance bump and an upgraded screen, but it doesn’t feel like much of an improvement over the old version. If you don’t need to carry around a 17-inch or larger laptop, this might be just what you need—but keep in mind that it lacks some features of more expensive models (like SD card readers).

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