6 ways to keep kundan set for wedding clean

6 ways to keep kundan set for wedding clean

How to keep kundan set for wedding safe for years? Jewelry is a girl’s greatest friend and a great addition to any outfit. While there are many different ornaments on the market, Kundan is currently all the rage, and this trend is here to stay. These majestic pieces of jewelry are currently the top option among brides who use Kundan stones to give their personalities a regal flair.

Kundan refers to highly refined gold-polished, the kundan artificial jewellery set is made up of many sorts of stones set in gold. These decorations exhibit a flawless fusion of traditional and modern design elements.

1. Apply safe chemicals to kundan wedding jewellery

Even though talcum powder and erasers can be used to remove stains from jewel pieces, there are some locations where chemicals are required. Use gentle solutions that eliminate the imperfection while preserving the original shine in this situation.

Kundan and other jewels can be cleaned with warm water and a light soap.

If you want something more powerful, combine one drop of baby shampoo with one drop of water, then clean with a gentle toothbrush or Q-tip. To clean the jewelry, you can use cotton or a soft microfiber cloth.

2. Butter Paper is Beneficial

Keep your kundan set for wedding away from water and moisture at all costs if you want to preserve its intricate design. Only a few droplets of water are required to injure the jewelry and cause the surface to erode. As a result, decoration maintenance is essential.

Even if you have kept jewelry in the box, dampness cannot be eliminated no matter how many safety precautions you take. But hold onto your hope because there is always a way around anything.

To prevent moisture and water, wrap the Kundan ornaments in cotton or butter paper and store them in an airtight container. The ornaments are kept dry while the wetness is kept out using butter paper.

3. Use rubber to remove spots.

Concerned about the stains on your favorite Kundan artificial jhumkas and unsure about how to completely remove them? In that instance, a rubber might come in handy. Use it to remove any stains from the decorations, then use a soft suede cloth to clean the gems to maintain their shine.

4. A solution is talcum powder.

To protect moisture from affecting Kundan ornaments, regular cleaning is necessary. Nevertheless, corroding diamonds can still happen despite all precautions, which might result in stains. Thus, to keep the luster if they become dirty from use, lightly dust the pieces with talcum powder using a soft brush. Simply air out the pieces after you’re finished doing this to see the pieces’ regained shine.

5. Avoid using boiling water.

Jewelry items are very delicate by nature, therefore you need to take extra precautions to preserve their brilliance and complexity. Always use lukewarm water when cleaning them so that the stain can be removed without damaging the ornaments.

When washing jewelry, never use hot or boiling water as this could harm the items, especially those that are adorned with semi-precious stones like Kundan, Polki, pearls, etc.

6. Kundan artificial jewellery set should be dried before wearing.

Before wearing the ornaments, make sure to properly dry them because moist parts may collect water inside of them, ruining them completely. Even if they perspire while being worn, you should clean them off with a dry cloth before putting them back in their place.


When traveling, you should give your Kundan Jewelry extra thought and care. To keep the decorations safe and secure for a longer time, keep a pouch of desiccants in your jewelry box. For more updates on tips for a kundan set for wedding stay tuned with us at Swarajshop.

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