Give Your Kitchen a Makeover With These Appliances

Mixer Grinder

A modern mixer grinder juicer reminds some of our grandmother’s toiling over an old grinding stone in the kitchen. Warranting time and effort, maybe our grandmothers did not mind spending a reasonable amount of time grinding masalas and kneading the dough with their bare hands and rudimentary implements. In this modern era, you may think that they lived in the Stone Age, as now individuals are used to convenience at their fingertips. 

Mixing, grinding, chopping and cutting are the main functions of mixer grinders of today, wiping out the mortar and pestle to give you great tasting ingredients that make complex Indian meals flavourful. Additionally, if you make desserts at home or bake, you can find flagship food processors that knead your dough for you, creating any pastry base you want. 

Blending and juicing is the main reason people buy mixer grinder juicers today, and whipping up a homemade milkshake or juice can happen in a few moments. Before you plan to have a kitchen makeover with any of these new-found appliances, you should know the reasons to buy them in more detail. 

Make Cooking Fun

Cooking may be fun for some, but it’s plain hard work for others. However, if you invest in a mixer from a leading brand like Havells, cooking can be an entertaining and quick experience. Any contemporary Havells mixer can make you like the task of cooking. Let’s see what a mixer can make your culinary life easy.

  • A Multitasker – Several housewives (and househusbands) acknowledge that cooking can be fun if you know the art of multitasking. Enter the mixer grinder. One of the primary reasons to get one is that it acts as a versatile device for multitasking. While something is simmering on your stovetop, you can grind, blend or chop ingredients in a mixer grinder in a matter of minutes. A mixer grinder does its job efficiently and saves you time. Imagine cutting and chopping each vegetable one by one when you have a device that does the job in minutes. 
  • Versatility – A mixer grinder tackles the preparation of a variety of items. A heavy-duty model can instantly chop or grind anything from coarse nuts to meat. This makes you rely on your kitchen pal and saves you the stress of meeting deadlines on your own. Especially if you are working and want the work done quickly, this can be of immense help.
  • User-Friendly – A user-friendly appliance is a mixer grinder juicer from any good brand. Operation is done with the touch of a button, and you don’t have to do much manual work. You may not have to change blades in some proficient appliances either, as the appliance functions smartly with different buttons for your various needs. 

A Kitchen Makeover

Your kitchen and life will never be the same again if you buy a Havells mixer grinder juicer or any other model from a leading brand like Maharaja Whiteline or Sujata. Other good brands include Bosch and Phillips. Here are some great mixer grinder juicer options that you can think about purchasing for your kitchen.

  • Maharaja Whiteline Ultramax DLX 750W – This mixer grinder juicer has 3 jars, each one suited to either blending, grinding or liquefying functions. This appliance also comes with a special jar for grinding ingredients to make chutneys and purees. 
  • Sujata Multimix 900W – With this model, you get a unique appliance with a special coconut milk extraction function. This mixer grinder juicer does tasks quickly because it is powerful and saves power as it doesn’t take too much time to do your chores. Made of durable stainless steel and blades to match, you get an affordable machine that is long-lasting.
  • Havells Vitonica 500W – An all-purpose appliance for all your food preparation requirements, this mixer grinder juicer has a dual exhaust that enhances the life of the model. Furthermore, you get large jars that give you enough space for processing a larger amount of ingredients. 
  • Philips Avance HL 7777/00 – High performance is the watchword of this appliance. Furthermore, this model also does dry and wet grinding, blending and mincing. 

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Make the Most of a Mixie

Commonly known as the ‘mixie’, the mixer grinder juicer has come long from its initial introduction into Indian kitchens. It can perform the most mundane kitchen tasks and make your life uncomplicated while cooking. Cooking is not a challenge if you have a handy device. Particularly if you have children at home, a mixer grinder juicer is the way to go. You can make home-cooked meals in less than half the time you usually would.

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