How to Find the Best Supermicro Distributor

Supermicro distributor

Whether you are looking to buy a Supermicro PC or want to know how to find the best Supermicro distributor, you’ll need to do a little research. Luckily, there are many great companies out there that can help you make a purchase and have it delivered right to your door. But finding the right distributor can be a bit of a headache.

Overview of Supermicro’s product line

Founded by Taiwanese immigrant Charles Liang in 1993, Supermicro has developed a comprehensive product line, specializing in x86-64 server technology. Today, Supermicro serves a variety of enterprise, commercial, and consumer markets. They offer motherboards, storage server systems, rackmount servers, blade servers, and more.

The company’s product line is designed to optimize power consumption, efficiency, and TCO. They also focus on green technology, lowering the power consumption of storage systems.

Supermicro products include dual Itanium systems, rackmount server systems, switch systems, chassis, and more. The company is positioned to meet the growing demand for enterprise, data centers, and cloud computing solutions.

In 2017, the company reported in revenue. The company’s CEO, Charles Liang, led the company’s earnings call. He stressed the start of a new era for Supermicro Distributor .


Whether you’re a government agency, a Fortune 500 company, or a startup, Supermicro’s Ultra series distributor can help you maximize the performance of your hardware. The company offers the industry’s largest selection of enterprise-grade servers. With powerful processors, Intel Optane DC persistent memory, and advanced I/O, these systems are designed for extreme scalability and serviceability.

As more and more applications demand more power, Supermicro continues to offer systems that can scale to fit your workload. The company’s Ultra Super Servers can be purchased in 2U and 1U form factors and can be reconfigured for different enterprise applications. They feature built-in Ethernet, NVMe, SAS, and SATA storage. In addition to these options, they support optional add-on SAS3 HW/SW RAID controllers.

For the past two decades, Supermicro has been a leader in green IT, providing end-to-end solutions that reduce e-waste and offer innovative technologies. The company also offers advanced designs for challenging environments.

Fat Twin range

Designed for the Data Center, the Fat Twin range of Supermicro Distributor delivers maximum performance, scalability, and efficiency for your mission-critical applications. With the latest Intel Xeon Scalable processors, these super servers support high-density Wholesale Storage and memory capacities. This enables your systems to run up to 2X the performance of previous-generation solutions.

A Supermicro server is ideal for a wide variety of applications including Cloud Computing, Scale-Out Storage, Virtualization Servers, Enterprise Applications, Scientific and Energy Research, Computational Finance, and 3D modeling. The Hyper-Speed technology delivers 30% application performance improvements compared to conventional solutions.

The Fat Twin is available in industry-standard 4U rackmount chassis. It features the flexibility to choose memory capacities, networking options, and other configurations. It supports a number of connection speeds, and a system OS can be installed on an internal M.2 slot.

Smart infrastructure

Designed with security and efficiency in mind, Supermicro’s Intelligent Retail Edge provides the foundational operating platform for IoT and Edge computing in retail environments. This solution enables the processing of large amounts of data, such as in an e-commerce environment. Powered by leading-edge software from Supermicro partners, the solution runs on IoT and edge hardware and provides Net Foundry connectivity and Network-as-a-Service. It is available in three cluster configurations.

The system is based on Supermicro’s versatile E100 fanless gateway server. This multi-node GPU/CPU platform supports advanced high-density storage, delivering flexibility for AI and VDI/Cloud Gaming. It is also designed to optimize efficiency, power, and TCO.

The solution supports bare metal apps and virtualization. It is also OS agnostic, allowing for a variety of deployment models. It can run enterprise data services on solid-state drives or containers.

U.S. agencies continue to purchase Supermicro products

Despite the fact that Supermicro has never been accused of tampering with its equipment, it has been under federal scrutiny for much of the past decade. The FBI launched an investigation into the company in 2012, but a working theory is that the Chinese government had infiltrated the firm.

In early 2010, the Pentagon’s security team noticed unusual behavior in the company’s Supermicro servers. The investigation led investigators to look for additional forms of manipulation. They found the same rogue code in several different Supermicro factories.

One former senior official in the Pentagon said there was “no ambiguity” about the attribution. But he declined to detail specifics.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s story is a muddle of disparate allegations. For example, a cybersecurity executive told the news outlet that he was briefed by US Air Force officials about a chip in Supermicro motherboards.

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